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Library Unit Study
by Kym Wright

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To encourage a love of the library, by learning how it works and the resources available, Kym�s Library Unit Study covers it all! This course covers library history through the parts of a book and the job of the many types of librarians. Obtaining a library card, library etiquette, classification systems, and finding books and other resources, including reference material. Learn all the areas of most libraries, and yours in particular, then find out how to go online with your local library system. Make a library form and notebook while making returns without regrets. Create your personalized reading list and get organized with a library bag. Special needs services offered by many libraries are covered along with lessons and forms on how to begin a library, volunteering, starting a story hour and creating a literature club. Several pages of ideas for giving high school students credit for the course, and even a library skit is included.


In a Nutshell:

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Topics Covered

The 166 page Library Unit Study covers:

bulletWhat is a Library?
bulletLibrary History
bulletWhat is a Book?
bulletLibrary Etiquette
bulletLibrary Card
bulletClassification Systems
bulletDewey Decimal
bulletLibrary of Congress
bulletLook It Up!
bulletResource Categories
bulletFind It on the Shelf
bulletOther Resources
bulletLibrary Areas
bulletGoing Online
bulletLibrary Form
bulletLibrary Notebook
bulletReturns without Regrets
bulletReading Lists
bulletLibrary Bag
bulletSpecial Needs
bulletBegin a LibraryHomeschoolers and the Church Library
bulletLibrary Skit
bulletVolunteer Ideas
bulletStart a Story Hour
bulletLiterature Club
bulletKym�s Konstruction Kit

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